When to See an Emergency Dentist in Edmonton  

If you need an emergency dentist in West Edmonton, Lotus Dental Wellness routinely allows enough flexibility in our schedule to accommodate emergencies. Simply call our clinic, or have someone call on your behalf, to ask whether we can accommodate an emergency visit. Most family dentists in West Edmonton and the surrounding area will be able to help you or recommend someone who can.

You might think that you have the best dentist in Edmonton in the best dental clinic in Edmonton, but when you’ve got an emergency, it’s not the time to pontificate about your selection. For dental checkups and regular care, you may return to your regular dentist after seeing the emergency dentist in West Edmonton, or wherever is local to you. If your family dentist in West Edmonton is not able to accommodate a same-day appointment, dentists accepting new patients in West Edmonton should be the next thing you should try.

In an emergency situation, you may find yourself saying “but I need a dentist near me”, and you’d be right. If you are experiencing a true dental emergency, like a knocked-out tooth, you need to get to help as soon as possible to avoid its permanent loss. If, however, the dental trauma is the result of a larger concern (like head trauma), always prioritize the head trauma and see a hospital first.

Trauma and Infection

At our dental clinic in West Edmonton, Lotus Dental Wellness often treats patients with a variety of dental emergencies, whether from trauma or from infection. While dental injuries may be more obvious to the patient, infections also need to be taken seriously. Any dentist in westside Edmonton can deal with an infection if you’re able to see them. Dentists in Alberta are held to a very high standard of training and can be relied upon to provide good service whether they are your regular dentist or not!

If you are experiencing pain in a tooth, you may know why – but it could also be a mystery. Many patients with dental infections have not followed good routine hygiene and have developed a cavity that eventually moves into the inside of the chamber of the tooth. The chamber of your tooth contains blood and nerve tissue that will sound the alarm when the nerve is irritated by bacteria – and the pain that it can cause is no joke and very distressing. For this reason, we encourage west-end patients who are at home with a toothache that is getting worse to go in and see a family dentist in West Edmonton.

Infections can not only be painful, but they can spread into other areas of the body where they can do catastrophic damage if in the blood, glandular system or a variety of other possibilities. Signs of an infection often start with pain when eating or drinking, or with difficulty in opening the mouth in the morning or after a period of rest. This indicates swelling that should be investigated.

If you have an infection in your mouth, the source will produce an unpleasant taste that may be described as sour, bitter or metallic in nature. This indicates that fluid from the infection is likely draining into the mouth. When this symptom is absent, patients will often present with a lump on the gum which looks like a pimple and becomes engorged with a white fluid (pus). Although the pressure of this pustule/pimple can be uncomfortable, we advise our patients against popping it to release the pressure. Instead, hold cold compresses to the outside of the cheek to control the pain until you can see an emergency dentist.

If you injure your teeth by trauma or impact, you may not know whether you need an emergency appointment. If your tooth is chipped or fractured, you will need to see a dentist at their next available appointment – but it is unlikely that you require an emergency appointment. If you have broken your tooth but it is not hurting and has not broken open the inner chamber of the tooth you may be able to delay your visit to the next available appointment. If, however, you are in pain and you can see that the inside of your tooth is exposed, you require an emergency dentist in West Edmonton or in the area nearest to you. Any family dentist in West Edmonton and the surrounding area can offer numbing and a root canal to eliminate your pain. If you require a crown to restore the tooth or teeth to a natural look and strong structure, your dentist will talk to you about your options. A crown or bridge offers a natural-looking shape and colour so that your new smile looks as natural as possible.