Privacy. Safety. Comfort.

As part of our commitment to an exceptional patient experience, our clinic has been designed to limit or eliminate common complaints in traditional dental environments. From the architecture of the clinical space to the tools and technologies we apply, the needs of our patients guide our practice.  

Why Lotus Dental Wellness?

Our clinic offers an alternative to the typical dental experience, which can often feel transactional and hastened, by practicing a philosophy of ‘slow dentistry’. This concept emphasizes the importance of a patient-centric practice – one that prioritizes the patient’s medical needs as well as their need for safety and trust in their practitioner.  This is reflected throughout our clinic in features including:

Privacy, Safety & Comfort

World Class Technology

Affordable Dental Care

Our Services

Lotus Dental Wellness offers a full range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. We are always accepting new patients as well as emergency visits. All services performed by a general dentist.

Privacy, Safety & Comfort.

Our clinic offers an alternative to the typical dental experience, which can often feel transactional and hastened, by practicing a philosophy of ‘slow dentistry’. This concept emphasizes the importance of a patient-centric practice.

Closed and Private Dental Suites

Each of our oversized dental suites is fully self-contained. Without unnecessary environmental stimulus such as being visible to others, listening to other procedures being conducted and smelling the astringent odours of a shared space, patients can relax. Private suites may also foster more candid and effective dialogue with your dentist.

State-of-the-art HVAC System

Our HVAC system allows effective regulation of the temperature and humidity levels in the environment for comfort and new, fresh air in the clinic every 15 minutes. Private dental suites have their air fully exchanged before they are sanitized in preparation for the next client, minimizing any potential transfer of contaminants or contagions between spaces.

Shorter Wait Times, Means More YOU Time.

Our practise philosophy gives us more time with each patient by booking fewer patients each day and allowing more time between them. This ensures that there is ample time to sanitize the clinical space and make other preparations for the next client. By allowing more time between patients, we build stronger partnerships with our dental clients, who feel heard rather than rushed.

Dental Service AB Dental Fee Guide Lotus Dental Fee
3-Unit Scale $231.63 $231.63
Polish $68.79 $68.79
Flouride $33.33 $33.33
New Patient Exam $116.66 $116.66
Emergency Exam $73.85 $73.85

*Example of Dental Fees

Affordable Care in Your Community

Lotus Dental Wellness is committed to making quality dental treatment affordable to those throughout our community. With this in mind, our fees are based upon the Alberta dental fee guide and we offer complimentary consultations for dental implants, Invisalign®, and smile design.

Our focus on family care reflects our desire to foster long-term relationships with our patients to effectively support their long-term health. In this interest, we take the time to understand your personal oral health goals in the short and long-term, and collaborate in determining the course of action that would best suit your lifestyle, health and finances.

If you have questions about these or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.

iTero® and Smile Simulation

Have you ever wondered what your dream smile could look like? iTero ® technology produces a 3D digital representation of your teeth and allows your dentist to visually demonstrate the possibilities for your smile on screen. Your scans can be monitored to identify changes to the micrometer over time. With that level of accuracy, it is no wonder that it has replaced dental impressions in preparing crowns and bridges.


This anesthesia reversal process is administered at the conclusion of your dental procedure to encourage a rapid return of sensation. Patients benefit by returning to speaking, eating and drinking sooner, and risk of accidental trauma to soft tissues is decreased.


This technology uses CBCT to provide exceptional 3D imaging from a 9-second scan with radiation exposure levels that are among the lowest on the market. This allows more effective planning and increased work quality.

Intraoral Cameras

These useful cameras are used to provide pictures of your teeth and soft tissues for reference in discussion with your dentist. This provides more clarity and transparency to the client and increases understanding of the procedures required.

Buffering of Anaesthetic

This technique reduces the acidic ‘burn’ of standard local anesthetic by neutralizing the pH level of the anesthetic prior to injection. This fast-acting solution decreases injection pain and offers deeper numbing.

World Class Technology & Techniques

Our clinic boasts all new and the most modern dental technology available. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of oral care to all of our patients. 

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