Check Ups & Cleaning

Effortless check-ups, private suites, exclusivity.

Welcome to Lotus Dental Wellness, where we’ve redefined the dental experience to ensure your routine checkup is a breeze. Our commitment?

Say goodbye to open-concept treatment areas – our clinic boasts spacious, closed, and private dental suites, reducing anxiety and providing added privacy. Customize your visit with a selection of essential oils and calming music.

During your checkup, our dentist addresses your concerns, documents changes in your medical history, and considers your oral health goals. A visual examination of your dental arches identifies issues like decay, while advanced technology checks for potential lesions. Digital X-rays uncover hidden problems like cysts or impacted teeth.

New patients are always welcome at Lotus Dental Wellness, whether you’re an individual, a family, or just passing through. We even offer Emergency Same-Day Appointments for dental emergencies. We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide and provide direct billing for your convenience.

Now, let’s talk cleaning. Our skilled hygienists handle scaling, polishing, flossing, and fluoride treatments. Scaling removes tough tartar, polishing tackles surface staining, and flossing ensures every nook and cranny is spotless. Opt for a fluoride treatment to wrap up your cleaning.

After your cleaning, head to a private payment area for fee and insurance discussions. Need a procedure? Book your appointment and inquire about coverage predeterminations.

Have questions? Contact us today. We look forward to keeping your smile bright!