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Lotus Dental Wellness endeavours to build and maintain a trusting, long-lasting relationship with you. We are committed to giving you our excellence in dental care.

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About Us

Who We Are

As part of our commitment to an exceptional patient experience, our clinic has been designed to limit or eliminate common complaints in traditional dental environments. From the architecture of the clinical space to the tools and technologies we apply, the needs of our patients guide our practice.

Why Choose Us

Privacy, Safety, Comfort

Revitalize your dental visits with our 'slow dentistry' approach, prioritizing a patient-focused experience over transactional haste.

World Class Technology & Techniques

Experience top-notch oral care with our cutting-edge dental technology, ensuring the highest quality treatment for everyone.

Affordable Dental Care

Lotus Dental offers affordable care, aligning fees with Alberta's guide, and provides complimentary consultations for select services.

Best in the field

Dr. Matrangolo

Owner / General Dentist

Dr. Christina Matrangolo, a dentist for 18 years, specializes in esthetic dentistry and injections. University of Alberta graduate who is committed to ongoing education and dedicated to advanced patient care techniques.

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Lotus Dental welcomes new patients, including families and visitors, with Emergency Same-Day Appointments. Following Alberta Dental Fee Guide, direct billing available.