Why is it Important to Have a Family Dentist in Edmonton?

If you’re looking for a dental clinic in West Edmonton, you might find the number of options overwhelming. You might be saying to yourself “I just need a dentist near me, why is this so hard?”. The truth is, you’re looking for the best dental clinic in west Edmonton with the best dentist in Edmonton. But to determine who you should see; you need to know what you need.

Do I Need a Family Dentist in West Edmonton?

The term general dentistry can be a little misleading because a general dentistry applies to all dentists, unless they’ve sought specialist training. While family dentistry is not a dental speciality per se, it does offer a lot of insight into how they may conduct their business. 

While some appointments with general dentists can feel rushed or transactional, a family dentist prioritizes the comfort and trust of their patients – because they want to have them forever. Your pediatric dentist may stop seeing you when you age of their practice, but not a family dentist.

A family dentist is well trained to understand conditions of the teeth and mouth for all age categories from babies to teenagers and even senior citizens. This allows them to offer the long-term continuity of care that they’re known for.

If you don’t have a young family, you may not need to investigate a family dentist further. The environment of a family dentist is catered to the comfort and entertainment of children. That means that we offer extended appointments for those children who need a little more time in the chair before they feel comfortable proceeding, and we offer screens and other distractions to help ease anxiety . If what you need is a general dentist in Edmonton that you can pop in to see on your lunch break for dental checkups and cleanings, you may appreciate the environment and pace of a general dental clinic. The next step? Find out which general dentists are accepting new patients in west Edmonton, or otherwise near to you.

How a Family Dentist in Edmonton Benefits Families

At Lotus Dental Wellness we recommend that if you have children, or you plan to start a family, you may want to partner with a family dentist in West Edmonton soon – and not only for the children’s sake. Expectant mothers should be seen by a family dentist regularly to ensure that her pregnancy isn’t compromising her teeth. Your family dentist will also make note of any conditions, genetic or otherwise, that could be passed on to children. This allows your child to be treated much sooner – with a proactive, rather than reactive, approach.

The practical benefits of having a family dentist in westside Edmonton may pique your interest if you keep an irregular schedule. Family dentists attempt to accommodate the scheduling needs of their patients by remaining open earlier and taking their last client for the day later. Although they may not hold extended hours every day, with some planning your appointments can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

Other accommodations may be made for families such as group appointments. As a dentist in westside Edmonton, we at Lotus Dental Wellness make family appointments as well as group appointments. This does not mean that each patient will be seen simultaneously, but it does imply that they will occur one after the other. Despite the fact that the appointment will involve some waiting, some families find it easier to get everyone’s dental appointments completed in one block of time. Sometimes that is because there is a larger family and commuting to the dentist could mean 5 trips or more to the dentist during work or school. Group appointments require advanced notice in order to ensure that there is enough time booked for your family.

Children and Those with Special Needs

Perhaps the greatest benefit of family dentists is the fact that they are adept at managing stressful situations. It can be distressing to take a hesitant child to the dentist. Family dentists and their welcoming and patient staff have been treating children and adults with special needs every day – and they’ve picked up a thing or two. Their vast knowledge and expertise take some stress off parents and guardians who may have other children to care for in the waiting area. Our first priority is building trust with our patient.

If your child is sensitive to environmental stimulus, talk to your dentist about what accommodations are available. Turning the lights down, holding a teddy bear, and desensitizing the patient’s mouth before they see us for an appointment are among the many accommodations that we can try for your child. Your family dentist partners with you to provide the very best oral health outcomes for you and your family and can offer more relevant advice because they know more about your family and medical circumstances.