Checkups & Cleaning

Our clinic aims to make it easy to enjoy your routine check up and cleaning by offering an experience that exceeds expectations. We are committed to offering little-to-no waiting time in our clinic, and no more than one patients in the waiting room at once. Our clinic utilizes oversized closed and private dental suites rather than traditional open-concept treatment areas which decreases anxiety for patients and offers more privacy. Choose from a selection of essential oils to customize your experience and help yourself to our selection of calming music. At the end of your appointment, we go the extra mile to ensure that patients are provided with a clients-only exit, following the private payment area.

At your check up appointment, your dentist will begin by discussing any concerns you have about your oral health and documenting any changes in your medical history or medication profile. This important step in documentation informs your dentist’s approach, should you require a procedure, and ensures that no contraindicated medications are introduced. Your dentist will be interested in understanding your personal oral health goals and how we can support you in meeting them.

A visual overview of your dental arches allows the dentist to make note of any obvious concerns, such as decay. The dentist will inspect the tissues of the tongue, cheeks and lips, and will use latest technology to identify any potential malignant lesions. Your bite will be assessed, lymph nodes in the neck checked and then a low-radiation digital Xray will allow your dentist to assess the roots of the teeth and may uncover evidence of cysts or impacted teeth.

Looking to get in touch?

Lotus Dental Wellness is always happy to accept new patients, from individuals to families to people just visiting the area. We also offer Emergency Same-Day Appointments for those experiencing dental emergencies.  Lotus Dental Wellness follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide and offer direct billing for convenience. We look forward to seeing your smile!


A professional hygienist performs the cleaning portion of the visit which will consist of scaling, polishing, flossing and fluoride. Scaling is an important part of cleaning, since it effectively removes hardened tartar on the teeth – something that cannot be accomplished with a toothbrush and floss alone.

After scaling, your hygienist will polish your teeth with a gritty paste that effectively removes surface staining and smoothes the surface of the tooth, making it more difficult for plaque to stick to the enamel. Once the surfaces of your teeth are clean, your hygienist will attend to the surfaces between teeth by flossing.

If you choose to have a fluoride treatment, this will be the last step in your cleaning, after which you will be escorted to a private payment area where you can discuss private matters such as fees and insurance coverage before getting back to your day. If you require a procedure to be performed, you may also book your appointment and request coverage predeterminations at that time.

If you have questions about this or other services performed by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.