How to Choose the Best Family Dentist in Edmonton

If you’re new in town, or you’re considering switching dental providers, finding a family dentist in Edmonton can feel overwhelming. Just Google “dentist near me” and the likelihood is that you will have more than just a few to pick from in your area. You’d hope that narrowing your search to include only ‘family dentists in Edmonton’ would help the sense of overwhelm, but you’ll still get more results than one person can be expected to look through. Imagine how many hours you could spend researching the “best dental clinic in Edmonton”- an almost laughable suggestion. 

The reality is you are likely to be satisfied with the service that you receive from any general dentist in Alberta since our dentists meet strict standards and undergo years of training before they can practice. What will make the most difference to your experience is choosing a dentist whose practice is set up to meet your personal needs. For example, some families have children old enough to get themselves to-and-from their dental checkups and cleanings whereas families with young children may need the option to be seen on the same day or may require later or weekend hours of service. It’s best to start with what you know you want in a dental clinic and work backward from there.

Lotus Dental Wellness is a full-service dental clinic in West Edmonton serving both individuals and families. We recommend that anyone seeking a family dentist should first consider what their personal approach to dental care is and what they hope to achieve when switching providers. Is your family enthusiastic about their oral health? Do they each attend their preventative maintenance appointments without too much protest? Or, do you regularly wait too long between appointments and frequently require restorations (fillings)? This honest inner dialogue is important because it will impact your expectations. Consider these clients:

Client #1 is a 56-year-old father of two who suffers from diabetes and periodontitis. He requires frequent professional cleaning, and his primary goals are to retain all of his natural teeth and their function despite his ongoing challenge with gum disease. He works away and requires weekend appointments and sometimes struggles with anxiety during procedures. He is looking for a dentist in Edmonton, but more specifically, a family dentist in West Edmonton.

Client #2 is a college student who does not have any outstanding oral health concerns beyond the common need for regular dental checkups and an interest in teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry. She is the legal guardian of her younger sister who is autistic.

The first client is likely going to prioritize the need for weekend appointments first since he can’t attend during the week and his regular dental appointments are important. So, he will search for a dentist in West Edmonton who has weekend hours. To narrow the search further, he considers the fact that his anxiety has required conscious sedation for procedures in the past. Now, he can narrow his search to include dentists in westside Edmonton who are open Saturdays and who offer oral sedation.

The second client is less particular about finding a dentist in West Edmonton since she is willing to commute to her infrequent appointments. Unlike the first client, Client #2 requires only two annual visits on average, but her oral health needs are not her only consideration. It is important to Client #2 to find a family dentist because their expertise and bedside manner are a better fit for her sister, who can require extended appointments. She may still choose a dentist in westside Edmonton, but this client’s search terms will likely prioritize family dentists with experience serving special needs patients.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few dental providers, it’s a good idea to call these clinics and ask to schedule a consultation with a dentist. Consultations are a great way to get all your questions about the practice answered, and to get a feel for the atmosphere and tone. Is it a busy environment full of happy faces, or a more flat environment that feels more transactional? You’ll get a sense of the bedside manner of the dental professionals, too, during your brief consultation.

When you meet your new dentist for the first time, it will likely be to perform a checkup. In order to facilitate this meeting, be sure to bring a list of current medications and supplements with dosages. This information should be updated at every visit to ensure that any additional medications prescribed are safe to interact with your other prescriptions. If you have questions or concerns, the checkup is a great time to speak to your dentist about them.

Dentists are an important part of your overall health team, so take the time to choose the right one for you and your family. You’ll be glad you did!